Jan 1, 2013

This year is a year of declarations, an inaction. This is a fact. It is like every year a marker of time passing. Yes, this is a new day, but so was yesterday and the day before it. There is no power in the passage of time. There is power in the use of time. Today should be the catalyst, now should be the push. Life started long ago for you and me, there is no way to restart a train barreling down the tracks. It is how you harness that power, how you direct that time that becomes most important. You can continue on your path, continue to make grand declarations, or you can take the years of experience, both disappointment and achievement, and you can push forward in the direction you dream of.

Another of my many dreams

Feb 5, 2011

Electric trike

This is an old rendering of the trike with rider. The idea here is to have a three wheeled recreational vehicle that sits like a race car and corners like a motorcycle. In this rendering there are three electric motors controlling each wheel. The two front motors are hub motors eliminating any need for a front axle or differential. The rear motor is actually two LMC motors in tandem driving the rear wheel by chain.

As I continue to work out the mechanicals I will post updates on the development of the trike. This is by no means what the exterior will look like, it is simply a quick shell we are using while we develop the rest of the vehicle. If you have any concept sketches on what you think the trike should look like post them in the comments.

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Jan 18, 2011

dreaming of alternative transportation

I have been working on a design concept off and on for the past few years. the thought revolves around having an electric inverted delta trike that has an extremely low center of gravity and can lean like a motorcycle. I realize that i am not the first to have this idea, in fact a friend show me a picture of the aprilla magnet (brilliant design), and that is what spurred my desire to design my own vehicle.

there are plenty of examples out there of cool looking trike concepts from the likes of VW, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, and many more. i am hoping to come up with a design that is mechanically  amazing and aesthetically  cool (recognizing that the above concept is definitely lacking the latter).

What do you think about the idea? is it worth the investment?